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Everything is Awesome in New Lego-Themed Tegan & Sara Video Feat. The Lonely Island

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If you fell in love with the new Lego Movie, then you are going to enjoy this incredibly contagious music video.


In case you were worried, the video for “Everything Is Awesome” — Tegan & Sara’sThe Lego Movie soundtrack collaboration with The Lonely Island— does, in fact, live up to its title.

The new video for the track features the Lego doppelgangers of Tegan and Sara Quinn as well as The Lonely Island comedians and bandmates Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone. Set to a dizzying electro-beat, The Lonely Island boys rap while Tegan and Sara assert, “Everything is better when we stick together.”

Alongside the requisite clips from the film, the music video is filled with D.I.Y.-looking stop-motion animation that is reminiscent of something a kid would make on a camcorder. It’s only appropriate, because an actual six-year old named Markus Jolly sketched the drawings for the video.

Sorry, Frozen, but is it too late to nominate this for the Oscar for Best Song?


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